Every object I make is unique and fully functional.  I consciously avoid the use of stains or exterior evidence of joinery techniques, unless necessary for structural integrity.

​I believe well selected wood has its own beauty and my designs function as a showcase for that inherent beauty.

​-Ed Swan, Jr.



(857) 445-1447

Sarasota, FL, United States


Ed's Services

I design and fabricate benches, tables and shelves from semi-exotic woods.  The underlying premise of my work is that objects should have a clean functional design emphasizing the underlying natural beauty of the wood grain and color.  

Each object will incorporate at least one of the following techniques to highlight the character of the selected woods:

d Swan Jr.

- Live or natural wood (Live or natural wood edges occur when the edge follows the natural contours of the wood.)

- Top and side(s) grain matched

​      Note: This is so the grain wraps around the piece in a nearly flawless manner

- Combination of two woods, each with unique graining and/or color.